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On-Site ICBC Claims Assistance

We at Invermere Glass are the only approved ICBC glass facility in the Invermere Area. If your windshield has been broken in an act of vandalism or as the result of unavoidable road debris, you should be able to report directly to Invermere Glass and we’ll take care of it for you! No need to make an appointment with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), as we are in partnership with the ICBC Glass Express Program. As part of our designation as an ICBC Glass Express shop, our technicians are allowed to process your windshield, side glass and back glass requirements directly in our office by setting up an ICBC glass claim for you, saving you both time and money. We service all makes and models of vehicles.

As an authorized ICBC Glass Express shop, we:

  • Replace your windshield to manufacturers’ safety standards
  • Use only manufacturers’ O.E. brand urethane adhesive
  • Guarantee our windshields against all manufacturing defects


Did you know ICBC isn’t the only insurance company that covers rock chip repairs?

We also accept glass repair claims from:

  • Belair Direct, Canadian Direct, Intact
  • Dejardins
  • Family
  • Economical
  • ARI-Fleet
  • Canxxus
  • Jim Pattison Lease
  • Tag/Fix network

Although it may sometimes be tempting to leave your windshield cracked, your vehicle’s windshield is actually quite important to its overall structure. Many car manufacturers actually design vehicle crash management systems in such a way that any compromise to the windows can also impact how the rest of the vehicle’s frame reacts in an accident. Other reasons to have your automotive glass repaired or replaced immediately, no matter the size of the crack, include the following:

*Whether it’s a chip, ding, star break or bull’s-eye, our trained technicians at Invermere Glass can probably fix it in about 15-30 minutes for you, depending upon the degree of damage. Windshield repair is, of course, much less expensive, but sometimes you have no choice other than a complete windshield replacement. No matter your specific automotive glass needs, Invermere Glass can help you!

*Because cracks can expand, that small crack in your windshield today can eventually spread all the way across your windshield like a spider’s web, which can impact your visibility and render your vehicle unsafe.

*Your windshield is the final thing preventing you and/or your passengers from being thrown from your vehicle in the event of a serious accident. The more compromised your windshield is with damages, the less effective its rollover strength will be. Some vehicles are actually designed so passenger-side airbags deploy against your vehicle’s windshield – that’s not something you want to malfunction.

*You may be issued a safety violation ticket for operating a vehicle with a cracked windshield. Remember, it’s up to you as a responsible vehicle owner to regularly check and replace your windshield wiper blades to avoid scratches and to inspect your windshield for damages, both inside and outside of your vehicle(s). However, if you do require an automotive glass repair or replacement, bring it to Invermere Glass!