Aesthetically-Pleasing Glass Railings

Invermere Glass supplies and installs residential glass, aluminum and picket deck railing systems. The installation of glass and aluminum railing systems is becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking to make their railings more aesthetically-pleasing and maintenance-free. Other advantages of glass railings include their durability and strength and the fact that they offer an unobstructed view of what lies beneath their enclosed staircase, balcony or deck area.

Reflect Your Unique Style

Available in countless styles, colours, widths and heights to meet a variety of requirements and budget ranges, glass railing systems also make an extremely customizable and affordable choice for the discerning home builder or renovator wishing to evoke more of their unique personality and style into the design process. Because glass is usually transparent in nature unless it has been tinted, glass railings allow light to reflect through the railing better, which can create a more dramatic overall look. Glass and aluminum combinations can further enhance your staircase’s railings by making a small room appear larger to the naked eye.

Cost-Effective Design Choice

Because glass is a commodity that doesn’t usually fluctuate in its prices very much, it can sometimes be a more cost-effective design choice than comparable wrought-iron or steel railing systems. Tempered to meet certain safety regulations and typically built using sturdy, shatter-resistant glass, glass railing systems don’t require many maintenance dollars from their owners.